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Learn about registration rates, including discounts for students and presenters, and find resources to help you attend.


To receive a student or nonprofit discount, please email your request to Invited conference presenters will receive a discount code via email. Not sure if your organization is an AHA member? Search at

Registration TypeEarly birdRegular
AHA Member$675$775
Conference Presenters$525$525
Wednesday Only$450$550
ADD-ONSEarly birdRegular
Intensive Workshop, 4 Hours$200$250
Intensive Workshop, 2 Hours$125$175
Community Experience$125$175
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Attendance Assistance

Show the Value of Attending the Accelerating Health Equity Conference

We're here to support your attendance at the Accelerating Health Equity Conference.

The conference brings together 1,000 front-line leaders working in health care and community organizations to facilitate their work closing health equity gaps by building partnerships and developing and sustaining diversity and inclusion efforts across the field.

Below are some easy-to-use tools and tips to help you calculate the cost of attending the conference and identify your professional and financial return on investment. Use this toolkit as a resource to convey the value of this conference to your employer and start planning your conference experience today!

Plan Early

  • Register for the conference by March 31 to take advantage of early-bird rates.
  • Book your flights as soon as possible to secure lower airline fares.
  • Keep in mind that AHA members receive discounted registration rates.

Communicate With Your Employer

  • Customize and send a justification letter to your employer explaining all the benefits you'll receive from attending the Accelerating Health Equity Conference, and how those benefits will improve your performance and help advance your organization.
  • Be ready with a plan that identifies who will handle your responsibilities while you are attending the conference. Ensure your employer knows that you will still be accessible during your time away from the office.
  • Offer to deliver a short presentation or written report for your colleagues to share what you've learned and multiply the benefits of attendance.

Justification Letter Template

The editable Justification Letter template allows you to explain to your employer all the benefits you'll receive from attending the Accelerating Health Equity Conference, and how those benefits will improve your performance and help advance your organization.

Justification Letter Template

Determine Expenses and Benefits

  • Conference expenses are influenced by a number of factors. Before you can begin to justify the expenses, you need to calculate what they will be. Use the Expense Worksheet to develop a cost estimate.
  • It's also important to show your supervisor why your attendance will benefit not just you, but your entire team. In the Benefits Worksheet, emphasize that you will learn new skills, network with leaders in the field and identify opportunities for advancement. Identify specific sessions you're planning to attend that have relevance to your organization's work. Highlight speakers, exhibitors and other potential partners in attendance who can help advance your organization's objectives.
  • Emphasize that the registration fee for attending the Accelerating Health Equity Conference has remained the same for four years, and that the financial investment is very reasonable and worthwhile, especially considering that several meals are provided and discounted rates are offered for travel and accommodation.

Expenses & Benefits Worksheet

Substitutions, Cancellations and Refunds

If you register for the conference but ultimately cannot attend, you may send a substitute by emailing If you must cancel entirely, your request for a refund – minus a $150 processing fee – must be made no later than April 8, 2024. Cancellations made after April 8, 2024, are not eligible for a refund. Use your email address and confirmation number to log onto the website and click “Cancel Registration.”

In the event that the conference and/or its related events is cancelled due to low enrollment, public health concerns, natural disasters or unforeseen weather conditions, commercial or financial circumstances, or any other foreseen or unforeseen event, the Accelerating Health Equity Conference will provide a refund for registration costs but is not responsible for non-refundable items, such as airfare and hotel costs.